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The Horseless Carriage Exhibition 1896

"The First London Motor Show"

120th Anniversary
re-enactment at
Imperial College Kensington
7/8th May 2016

Welcome to the Club’s website. The De Dion Bouton Club is a world wide historic motor club founded in 2006 and based in Great Britain, but open to owners and enthusiasts of the marque anywhere in the world.

The Club is a complete marque Club and caters for all De Dion Bouton vehicles – petrol and steam tricycles, quadricycles, motor cars, commercial vehicles and bicycles. There is no date line.

Without the invention of the De Dion Bouton “high speed” engine at the dawn of motoring many other early marques would not have existed at all, and in recognition of the most important position that De Dion Bouton has in the conception of the motor industry, the Club welcomes owners of vehicles of other marques which installed De Dion Bouton engines. A list (which is being built up and is not exhaustive) can be found on the History page.

As well as Great Britain, the Club has well in excess of 200 members throughout the world - in 18 countries. Click on the buttons to see what we offer the Enthusiast, and how you can join our Club.  

At the Classic and Sports Car Magazine's Annual Awards in November 2011 DDBUK won the Award for the Best Rally/Event of the Year with our "Charles Jarrott Commemoration Run", beating off competition from many other car clubs including some of the largest in the UK

Click on the Charles Jarrott Run link to the right for more details.

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