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The Parry Thomas Run, Sunday, 23rd May

May 11 2021

The first recorded use of Old Church Hill in Laindon (Langdon) for motor hill Climbing was in 1906, Cecil Edge drove a 60hp Napier there the following year, and its next use was on May 27th 1922, for an event organised by the Essex County and Southend-on-Sea Automobile Club. It is recorded that on this day there were “1,078 entries (816 cars, 236 motor vehicles, and 26 cycle cars)”. Capt. Fraser Nash drove ‘Kim’, Raymond Mays was in  a 1.5ltr Brescia Bugatti, and J.G. Parry Thomas (Land Speed Record Holder in 1926) entered two of his Leyland cars.

It is our good fortune that the location of the Laindon hill climb is about three miles from Barnard’s Farm. The half mile hill climb is described as “long, windy, narrow, and around 1 in 8 gradient. Club members will have the opportunity to drive the hill (at modest speed) as part of a local run and picnic that Bernard and Sylvia Holmes are organising on May 23rd. As an additional incentive for participating, the summit of the hill is said to provide the finest view of East Anglia !


 *   Meet Barnard’s Farm from 10am for refreshments. Ample room for trailers.
 *   Leave Barnard’s at 11.30
 *   Follow a circular route of around 25 miles (with a shorter option). Laindon Hill is early in the trip and participants need to be confident that their steed will complete the ascent, although  Bernard will arrange for four-wheel drive vehicles to be present in case help is needed.
 *   Return to Barnard’s  for 2.00pm. A boxed picnic lunch will be provided (Choice of  honey roast ham, poached salmon fillet, broccoli & blue cheese quiche, assorted salads, bread roll & butter, potted chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries).
 *   Leave Barnard’s around 4pm


 *   The event is limited to 15 cars
 *   Target attendance -  30 people
 *   Tables will be arranged so that there is appropriate social distancing
 *   Booking is with Michael Edwards ( Please include any preference for the vegetarian food option.
 *   Cost is £20 per head (for food) plus £10 per car.

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Tom Cook



Michael Edwards


Nick Pellett


Shaun Crofton

Regalia Officer

Andrew Howe-Davies


David Gibbins


Steve Burt


Peter Fryer