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Team Jarrott gains Motorsport UK accreditation

Jun 26 2023

Founded in 2010 by Nick Pellett, the De Dion Bouton Club’s motor tricycle racing “Team Jarrott” is a unique glimpse into the birth of motor racing in Great Britain and is recognised as the oldest form of motor racing anywhere in the world. Back in the late 1890’s thousands of spectators would cram the oval cycle tracks and velodromes around the country to watch the stars of the day, including the likes of Charles Jarrott and Selwyn Edge, go wheel to wheel in these thrilling contests.


After many years of negotiation, another leap forward has been made this summer with Motorsport UK agreeing full race accreditation under a special set of rules based on the original 19th century format. “We’ve taken the oval circuit tricycle racing format to tracks all over the UK over the last 13 years since we held our first re-enactment at Silverstone and have always been accredited under permits held by the venue operator or one of the Government’s authorised off-road schemes” explains Nick. “During my research into the history of these earliest of all British motor races, I stumbled upon what is probably the only surviving copy of Victorian motor racing rules dating from 1899/1900. Back in the late 1890’s Harry Lawson’s Motor Car Club, which held virtually all the trike racing contests in Great Britain, devised the rules to ensure fairness between these pioneer competitors. The regulations are the oldest motor racing rules in Britain and pre-date those issued by the Automobile Club of Great Britain/RAC and now Motorsport UK. I have adapted these for modern day requirements, and after many years of discussion, Motorsport UK has agreed to give us full race accreditation under our own special tricycle racing rules. We will now be able to take the format to venues across UK and owners will know that we are fully authorised and insured under our own right”. Agreement with Motorsport UK was concluded at Bicester Heritage’s recent Flywheel meet where “Team Jarrott” fielded half a dozen trikes on track for several contests of over the weekend.

“Team Jarrott” has its sights on further fields as well. In May 2024 the team travels to France for a special race at the Centenary of the Montlhéry banked track near Paris. “Back in 1900 Paris held their very first Olympics, just four years after the modern series was inaugurated in Athens in 1896.  Uniquely, in association with the games, motoring events including Trike racing were held. “The Olympic Cup” will bring motor racing history to life, and significantly return trike racing to France for the first time since the period, where it started over 125 years ago.”

As in the original town to town races there will be two classes, “Tourist Class” and “Racing Class”.  Thus all abilities and expectations can be accommodated on what will be a unique occasion involving both demonstration and competition. De Dion Bouton pattern Tricycle entries are invited to apply to Nick on his email or 07958 329191.


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