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Winner - the International Historic Motoring Awards 2016

The Centenary Olympic Cup 2024

Oct 19 2023

At the Montlhery Vintage Revival to be held on the weekend 11/12th May 2024 we will be holding a special Motor Tricycle Olympic tribute event as Paris gears up to host the 2024 Olympiad. Uniquely, at the original 1900 Paris Olympics, motoring events were held, including De Dion Bouton type tricycle contests. Our Team Jarrott presentation as part of the centenary of this famous concrete bowl race circuit - that is still intact - will bring these long distant memories to life for a new generation of motoring enthusiasts in France, who will never have seen tricycle racing before, as the last such races on the continent took place some 120 years ago. 

Whilst the details of the event are still being fine tuned, it is intended that Team Jarrott  will have a 15 minute slot each day after lunch on a 400 metre oval race track created in front of the main stand (similar to what we put on at Brooklands and elsewhere in UK) - and finish each day with 2 laps of the entire c 2.5km concrete bowl - a rare privilege not granted to historic race cars. 


We are welcoming all owners of these machines, whether you have been with us before or not, and will welcome your teams and helpers. It will be up to riders to decide whether they wish just to display their tricycles in the paddock, demonstrate their tricycle on the whole concrete bowl sessions, or take part in the oval track contests as well. The more tricycles we have it will attract the greatest interest with the public and the media. 

Whilst in Britain we are now fully authorised by Motorsport UK, in France we will come under local jurisdiction and therefore French rules, regulations and liability will strictly apply. 

Please apply to the special event email for your registration form as soon as you can if you would like to take part as either entrant or helper. Please note that all correspondence related to this Olympic Cup event is solely dealt with by this email address and is separate from the standard car entries.


STOP PRESS. We are delighted to advise that BOSCH have agreed to sponsor Team Jarrott. The very first Bosch magneto was mounted on a de Dion Bouton tricycle in 1898 and we are bringing the two together again. At Monthlery Bosch will be supplying a marquee next to the track for all tricycles on the event.

Nicholas Pellett
Founder - Team Jarrott and Olympic Cup events



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Peter Fryer


John Winer

Editor Motorvations

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